Client: Royal Poinciana Plaza
Location: Palm Beach, Florida
Completed: 2015
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When West Palm Beach’s historic Royal Poinciana high-end shopping plaza was in need of a facelift to make it more cozy and intimate, Advanced Air Systems (AAS) was trusted with upgrading the air conditioning (AC) systems at the iconic Eisenhower era building. The renovation, which began in April of this year, took place while tenants occupied the building. The project’s general contractors trusted AAS with this difficult project due to its experience and in-house capabilities in sheet metal and cranes.

AAS worked closely with roofing, construction, property managers, and tenants to ensure this important project was completed on time and within budget, with zero safety issues. This included making an arrangement with the restaurant tenants to stop work early in order to have their AC systems running in time for dinner. As with past AAS projects of a similar scope, weekly communication meetings were held, issues were anticipated before they arose, and all milestones outlined in the project schedule were successfully accomplished.

As part of the revamp, AAS was tasked with re-wiring all of the AC system’s electrical outlets, raising 50 AC units and attaching them to new hurricane stands, and replacing 40 exhaust fans. To accomplish promptly, AAS used its in-house 75-ton crane to move the AC units to the upper deck of the roof so the re-roofing process could be accomplished. Once the roof was completed, the AC units were returned to their original location and attached to new hurricane stands.