Client: Villa Magna Condominium
Location: 2727 S Ocean Blvd, Highland Beach, FL 33487
Completed: 2020

Villa Magna Condominium Roofing & Air Conditioning

Advanced Roofing Provides Re-Roofing, HVAC, and Electrical Solutions for a Luxury High-Rise Condo in Highland Beach, South Florida

Villa Magna, one of the most exclusive and upscale condominium buildings in Highland Beach, Florida, was in need of a roof replacement, mechanical equipment, and lightning protection system in preparation for Florida’s rainy season. With its in-house Re-Roofing, HVAC, and Lightning Protection divisions, Advanced Roofing, Inc. was the clear choice to revitalize this 14-story oceanfront high-rise.

Project Scope of Work

Villa Magna was a true team effort due to the multiple scopes of work, split roof design, and unique location of the project. The roof was divided into two sections by a middle penthouse. We started work on the north side of the building. The old roofing system was removed down to the concrete deck and Durapax primer was installed along with one layer of PolyGlass Polybond smooth to ensure a watertight surface. Following the preparation work, our Advanced Air Systems HVAC crew and our Electrical division were then able to install the new air conditioning units, stands, and ductwork.

The HVAC team replaced the building’s deteriorated system with seven RTU’s and completed the related ductwork and installed 30 exhaust fans. The existing boilers were replaced with controls, and the existing LP was replaced.

Following the tear-off of the north half of the building’s roof, our team was then required to move the 23-ton crane to the south side of the building. Due to the building’s proximity to A1A, the main road that runs parallel to the ocean, the team enlisted the help of the Highland Beach Police Department to block traffic. We then removed the old roof system down to the concrete deck and primed the deck like the north side of the roof.

By the time we completed the removal of the old roof on the south side we moved the crane back to the north side of the building and once again required the help of the Highland Beach Police department on A1A. On the second lift, we raised to the roof one asphalt kettle and one coal tar pitch kettle. We installed 1 ½’’Polyiso insulation and ½’’ wood fiberboard insulation in hot asphalt. We hot-mopped 1 layer of Glass Base sheet in asphalt, two plies of #15 Tarred Organic Felt in coal tar pitch, and 1 ply of Targlass Felt in coal tar pitch. We installed Durapax Hot Polyester and 1 layer of Durapax Granulated SBS flashing on walls and curbs. We then installed a flood coat of coal tar pitch and gravel. We swept all the loose gravel and applied a 2nd flood coat of coal tar pitch and gravel. We then had to move the crane back to the South Side of the building once again requiring the help of the Highland Beach Police department.

As the project neared completion, the team had to move the crane back to the south side of the building. This was a tight fit, so the project manager requested permission from the hotel next door to bring in a bigger crane to get the kettles on the roof and off-load them when the job was completed.

Overcoming Challenges

In addition to the logistical challenges of moving a 23-ton crane near A1A, the team adjusted work to account for the materials being delivered in segments from the PolyGlass to temp in the concrete deck. They also coordinated the delivery of half of the roofing materials for the north side of the building and the remainder for the south side since the roofing was split in two. Being on the ocean also brought windy conditions which impacted the crew as they removed the old roof and installed the new system.

On the HVAC side, the Advanced Air Systems crew experienced several challenges, including the weight of the RTU which was 3000 pounds. As with the re-roofing process, conditions did not allow the HVAC crew to use a crane large enough to lift such weight. They requested and received permission to use the parking lot of the hotel next door to set up a bigger crane to lift the equipment. In addition to this, the existing chilled water system was not properly balanced, causing issues with water flow in the new equipment. The team was able to test and balance the existing system to ensure standard water flow readings which solved the problem and left the customer satisfied.

Project Safety and Results

Safety was maintained throughout the project without any infractions or injuries. A 42” parapet wall was erected around the building above the roof. Self-retracting lifelines were used while working on the penthouse roofs, and the coal tar pitch operator used a respirator while operating the kettle.

Advanced Roofing, Inc. is proud to have completed the project on time, within budget, and with no safety incidents or disruptions for residents.