Daikin VRV Pro Contractor

Daikin Variable Refrigerant Flow Technology (VRV)


Advanced Air Systems partners with Daikin to offer its commercial customers a cost-effective true comfort solution using VRV technology.

Advanced Air Systems (AAS) is pleased to announce that we have been named a Daikin VRV Pro Contractor, a partnership that will allow us to provide innovative, efficient and cost-effective true comfort solutions to our replacement, retrofit, and new construction customers. Daikin pioneered variable refrigerant flow (VRV) technology and is recognized as the largest HVAC manufacturer in the world, so we’re proud to provide these innovate systems to our customers.

VRV is a Fast-Growing Segment of the U.S. HVAC Market

VRV systems are able to simultaneously both heat and cool buildings by using the heat extracted from an area that needs cooling to heat another area. With the use of inverter compressors and varying refrigerant flow, the systems also provide varying levels of heating and cooling to different parts of a building. This makes Daikin’s solutions 50 to 80 percent more energy efficient than conventional HVAC systems.

Ideal for Retrofitting Buildings that Don’t Have Chilled Water

With single module capacities ranging up to 14 tons and the capability to provide up to 38 tons from three modules in a single piping network, VRV IV provides the ultimate comfort solution for multi-family residential to large commercial applications. Daikin VRV solutions have the ability to integrate complete building automation controls to their existing VRV communication network, allowing AAS to provide customers the system and controls solution for their customers specific HVAC application.

VRF systems also feature flexible control and compact design, making them the perfect choice for retrofits. They have three major components: an inverter compressor condensing unit, a variety of indoor fan coil units and controls. As a result, they are ideal for retrofitting buildings that didn’t have chilled water or other systems previously in place.

As a designated Daikin VRV Pro contractor, AAS specialists will be provided with continuous technical training from Daikin to ensure they have full knowledge of Daikin’s wide range of products.

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