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Guide to choosing the best commercial HVAC contractor in Florida

A Guide to Selecting the Best Commercial HVAC Contractor in Florida

Introduction A reliable HVAC system is critical to maintaining comfortable and pleasant indoor environments and ensuring optimal energy efficiency in commercial establishments. Therefore, the role of a qualified commercial HVAC contractor is crucial in Florida as it considers the climatic challenges in the region.  The article provides a guide to choosing the best Commercial HVAC […]

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Stirling Elementary School HVAC

HVAC Trends Spring 2022

Air Conditioning Trends for Commercial Buildings As we wrap up the first quarter of 2022, we remain busy with commercial air conditioning installations and service projects around South Florida, with one of the most extensive backlogs we’ve ever experienced. The worldwide materials shortage continues to be a big issue, especially regarding pricing. We’re all seeing […]

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CARES Act Funding School HVAC Upgrades Florida Education COVID

CARES Act Funding for School HVAC Upgrades

How the Latest COVID Relief Funding Can Support HVAC Repairs and Upgrades for Schools in Florida To supplement relief provided by the CARES Act, the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2021 (CRRSA) was passed in December to provide additional support, including $54.3 billion to support the safe reopening schools. Expanded allowed uses […]

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Chiller Maintenance Tips South Florida

Chiller and Cooling Tower Maintenance Tips

Learn about Common Chiller Cooling Tower Problems and Solutions for High-Rise Buildings in South Florida Cooling tower and chiller systems are critical components for commercial air conditioning systems, and their regular maintenance is essential to ensure their efficiency and durability. For that reason, it is necessary to recognize the importance of cooling tower service and […]

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commercial air conditioning contractors ft lauderdale coronavirus webinar how to filter out covid-19

Commercial HVAC Webinar: How to Filter Out COVID-19

Commercial Air Conditioning Coronavirus Webinar Key Takeaways: Can you erform HVAC maintenance during COVID-19? Jobsite Safety Procedures for Protecting Your Staff and Tenants, Which filters and air conditioning systems can kill COVID-19, UV Lights, Tips for Maintaining Indoor Air QualityDuring Quarantine, and Spring HVAC Maintenance Tips to Ensure Optimal Performace

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company procedures

Coronavirus Procedures

Advanced Air Systems Conronvirus Procedures for a Safe Workplace At Advanced Air Systems, the health and safety of our customers and employees are our number one priority. As our team is closely monitoring the situation surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have preparations in place to reduce the potential for disruption of our services to our […]

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Summer 2018 Company Update

Summer 2018 Company Update Learn what Advanced Air Systems was up to in the first half of 2018 The summer is here in South Florida which means the demand for air conditioning repairs is ramping up due to the hot weather. We are experiencing a steady increase in service calls and expect demand to increase […]

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Winter HVAC Maintenance Tips for Commercial Property Managers

Winter HVAC Maintenance Winter HVAC Maintenance Tips for Property Managers As the crisp (or just slightly less humid) winter days roll into South Florida, it’s is a great opportunity to perform maintenance on your property’s HVAC system while shutdowns are less impactful as it is during the sweltering summer months. Performing routine maintenance and service […]

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class a contractors license air conditioning florida

A-Class Above The Rest

Florida Class-A Air Conditioning Contractor License HVAC Division Offering Unlimited Services for Commercial Customers in Florida with Class-A Air Conditioning Contractor License With new technologies and products continuously being introduced to the market, the complexity of HVAC systems continues to grow. This requires the need for skilled and certified technicians to meet the demand. We […]

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Winter Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Winter Air Conditioning Tips Top 10 Winter Maintenance Tips for Homeowners in South Florida In South Florida, we rarely see temperatures drop below 70 degrees, nevertheless, at the moment that it does you don’t want to be ill-prepared, or even worse, stuck in the cold with a broken heating system. In the past, we have […]