Dare to Compare

How do other contractors stack up to Advanced Air Systems?

We dare you to compare!

Compiled below is a list of important criteria for anyone to consider when hiring an air conditioning contractor in South Florida. Advanced Air Systems has a documented history of meeting and exceeding expectations in each category. Before selecting, research whether the prospective company satisfies these critical areas, or as we like to say, “Dare to Compare!”

Longevity in Business

Your HVAC system can last over 15 years, so you want to make sure your contractor will still be in business. We suggest hiring a company with at least 15 years’ experience  in the South Florida Market.

Check out your contractor’s history on www.sunbiz.org.

Financial Stability and Bonding

Not all contractors are equal. Check to ensure your contractor is financially secure. Advanced Air Systems was founded in 1994, and is a Division of Advanced Roofing Inc.

Ask for audited financials, bank references, surety information and/or check online at www.db.com

Service All Brands, Makes, and Models

You deserve a choice when installing and repairing your air conditioning systems. That’s why we are certified by every major manufacturer to install and service their systems with comprehensive warranties.

Ask your contractor what brands they offer.

Full-time Safety Division

South Florida is a dangerous environment for HVAC workers and without established safety protocols and experienced management, an accident can delay your project wasting your valuable time and money.

Ask for your contractor’s Experience Modification Rate  (EMR). We are proud to have an EMR of 0.68.

Extended Service Hours

It’s 3 PM on a Sunday in August and your air conditioning stops working. Who do you call?

Require access to your contractor 24/7. When you call, we answer!

Reputation, Pride, and Integrity

A picture is worth a thousand words. Choose a contractor that can back up their claims of quality with photos, both during the installation and of the final product. This can help prevent surprises in quality and professionalism.

Ask your HVAC contractor for photos and references of completed projects.

Professional Repairs

You have a job to do and it should not be fixing the air conditioning.

Make sure your HVAC contractor has  fully stocked service vehicles  to allow for completed repairs on the first trip.

Community Service

Feel good about purchasing your new air conditioner. The Advanced family of companies is actively involved with many local charities including the M.S. Foundation, Boys and Girls Club of Broward County, and TutorMate.

Ask your HVAC contractors what they do for the community, in addition to their clients.

Best Value Proposition

The prices between contractors might be competitive but over the life of the HVAC system, which bid is your lowest cost/ROI?

Ask your contractor to walk you thought their bid and provided a detailed investment breakdown.

Preventive Maintenance Program

Keep your air conditioning in top shape year-round with semi-annual maintenance that can save you money on energy bills and repairs.

Ask your contractor what’s included in their maintenance program and if they provide current conditions reports.