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Winter Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Winter Air Conditioning Tips

Top 10 Winter Maintenance Tips for Homeowners in South Florida

In South Florida, we rarely see temperatures drop below 70 degrees, nevertheless, at the moment that it does you don’t want to be ill-prepared, or even worse, stuck in the cold with a broken heating system. In the past, we have seen temperatures drop as low as 35 degrees. This intense weather makes life miserable for us Floridians. Fortunately for nearly all of us, the use of a heating system will help make life tolerable this winter.

Winter Maintenance Tips for Homeowners:

  1. Give your system a break. Turn it off and open the windows- Enjoy the cool weather as it won’t last long.
  2. Turn the heat on. However, don’t be alarmed if you smell something burning when you first turn on the heat. It’s dust burning off the coils and will only last 15-30 minutes. If your heater does not turn on, contact your contractor for a checkup.
  3. Close the air vents and doors in unused rooms
  4. Remove window A/C units
  5. Use humidifiers to remove excess moisture in the air
  6. Set your ceiling fan in the reverse position, on low to circulate the warmer air found near the ceiling
  7. Open shades, blinds, and curtains during the day so the sun can make your home warmer. Close them at night to lock in the heat.
  8. Get cozy; dress in layers and use Dove soap for dry skin
  9. Save energy and money by upgrading your old thermostat to a new, smart thermostat like the NEST
  10. Fall can be the best time to purchase a new HVAC system due to low demand for installations and manufacturer’s clearances

Preventive Maintenance

To ensure your air conditioning system is working at peak performance all year make sure to have semi-annual maintenance performed including changing the air filter, cleaning drain lines, inspecting wire connections, lubricating key components, cleaning coils, and calibrating the thermostat.




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