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HVAC Current Conditions Reports Are Saving Property Managers Time & Money

Current Conditions Reports

Learn how current conditions reports for rooftop air conditioning units can save Property Managers time & money

Property Managers no longer need to break a sweat trying to figure out if their building’s cooling system is up to par. The Advanced Air Systems Current Conditions Report (CCR) can provide an accurate inventory on the HVAC equipment and operating status, empowering tenants and property managers to make educated decisions regarding budgeting for their cooling needs.

CCR documents the physical condition of the air conditioning unit located on top of a condominium building, providing professional recommendations regarding future issues with the cooling system, including financial risk or liability to the owner. Since most air conditioning units in condos are located on the roof along with hundreds of other units, it can be difficult to uncover how the unit is working. This report is a proactive way to uncover potential issues with the air conditioner before it needs repair or replacement and suggest improvements that can reduce energy bills.

Advanced Air Systems’ professional HVAC technicians will conduct a detailed survey on the air conditioning unit that includes photo documentation, age, size, and diagnostics including pressure and amperage. Meetings with property management or tenants can be held to review the report and discuss system documents regarding, warranties, maintenance and repairs. The CCR also identifies the energy-efficiency of the air conditioning unit and suggests green recommendations to lower energy and electricity usage, reduce operating costs and lower carbon footprints.

Upon completion of the CCR, Advanced Air Systems will provide a digital version of the report to the owner and property manager. We can then design a list of immediate repairs (significant building code violations, hurricane and fire code issues, and other safety concerns) and upgrades for the system if needed.

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