Client: Treasures on the Bay Condominium
Location: Miami, Florida
Completed: 2023
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Project Background

Treasures on the Bay Condominium 100-ton Trane Dedicated Outdoor Air System

Advanced Air Systems Solves Humidity Issues at Treasures on the Bay Condominium in North Bay Village, Miami with the Installation of a new 100-Ton Trane Dedicated Outdoor Air System

Treasures on the Bay, a premium, high-rise condominium situated near the ocean in Miami Beach’s North Bay Village, prioritizes resident comfort. However, the shared areas of the building faced ongoing humidity issues, causing discomfort, and promoting mildew growth. The condominium board sought a long-term solution and turned to Advanced Air Systems (Advanced) for assistance. Advanced was tasked with identifying the root cause of the problem and implementing an effective remedy. To address the issue, a state-of-the-art 100-ton Trane dedicated outside air system with a hot gas reheat feature from Trane was installed, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

The critical issue was the outdated Carrier HVAC system, which was ineffective in maintaining proper humidity levels in the building. After careful evaluation, Advanced concluded that replacing the old system from the roof was necessary. The challenge was to carry out the replacement without causing inconvenience to the residents and ensuring utmost safety during the crane operations involved in the installation and removal of the new systems.


Our Solution to Overcome the Humidly Issues:

Our solution was to replace the outdated HVAC system with a 100-ton dedicated outside air system from Trane, renowned for its durability and efficiency. Equipped with a hot gas reheat feature, this system would efficiently remove humidity from shared areas while minimizing electricity usage.

We adopted a precise project management approach to ensure minimal disruption for residents. We shut down the existing mechanical system on a Friday evening, and by Saturday morning, the new Trane system was up and running. This swift transition, backed by our dedicated technicians and a well-coordinated team, ensured residents experienced minimal discomfort.

Advanced Air Systems has an advantage over our competitors: our in-house capabilities. Our in-house sheet metal construction meant we could produce our ductwork, reducing production time and enabling faster installation. In addition, we have an in-house electrical team and a crane division, which means we can handle every aspect of the project, from material transportation to installation.


Improving the Overall Living Conditions for Residents

This project improved living conditions in Treasure’s on the Bay and set a new standard for HVAC system replacements in a residential high-rise condominium. Advanced Air System’s successful resolution of the humidity issue is proof of its expertise, ingenuity, and dedication to service. By overcoming these unique challenges of working in an occupied high-rise, the company leveraged its in-house capabilities to streamline production, and implemented a well-crafted plan to deliver results that exceeded client expectations and made them happy.

The successful execution of this project is a testament to the professional craftsmanship of Advanced Air Systems as professional South Florida air conditioning contractor. The company’s unwavering dedication, industry expertise, and exceptional results make it the ideal choice for this prestigious craftsmanship award. For more information on how Advanced Air Systems can help your condominium with professional air conditioning services in South Florida contact us today for a free project estimate.